Sunday, November 4, 2012

4. chocolate with penuche frosting

With the leftover cupcakes from the ghosts, it was time to try the penuche frosting. Apparently it's Spanish for "raw sugar" or "brown sugar" and they're absolutely delectable. The frosting is a decadent concoction of brown sugar, butter, and powdered sugar that tastes like toffee. Seriously. For the garnish i chose to coarsely chop up the mini chocolate chips i purchased for the ghosts rather than grate semi-sweet baking chocolate.

3. ghosts (boo!)

in honor of Halloween i set out to make ghost cupcakes. My first attempt turned out terrible. Every single cupcake sank in the middle, turned crisp on the sides, and was a gooey mess in the middle. Disappointed? Absolutely. But the marshmallow fondant turned out delicious! So i decided to save it for another day when the Cupcakes Gods were feeling more kind.

Today was that day. Granted they didn't turn out quite so clean-cut as Miss Betty's:

But they still turned out rather cute, i think.