Sunday, October 21, 2012

2. witch's hat

Recently i had a girls' weekend with the lady folk in my family for Gardner Village's annual WitchFest. in honor of that i felt it appropriate that we make these adorable witch hat cupcakes while we were still together.


And mine:

They turned out adorable. The little nieces helped create the hats and it was a blast. The cupcakes even domed ever so perfectly and the frosting was delicious. Note: the frosting was delicious. Not the cupcakes. For some reason this batch of yellow cupcakes only tasted like flour. No sugar, vanilla, nothing. Very weird.

i've been contemplating on the cause and i'm considering it was the actual flour we used. it was already up at the cabin (where we were chilling for the girls' weekend) and i have no idea how long it'd been there for. Can flour go bad? Or maybe the WitchFest just took all my powers for the weekend? Always a possibility.

At least they look cute and it can only go better next time, right?

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