Saturday, January 12, 2013

6. chocolate sour cream w/ chocolate buttercream

Now these chocolate delights didn't turn out exactly like Betty's just because i altered the frosting recipe a smidgen. it called for however much of the baking chocolate to be melted and well, i didn't have any baking chocolate. i had plenty of chocolate chips and baking cocoa though, so i made due. i melted some of the chocolate chips with a teeny bit of milk (because, once again, i was out of whipping cream) and then also just added some cocoa. The result was yummy but i could've added more powdered sugar to make it more stiff. Next time.

i also found out the difference between the closed star and open star frosting tips. in Betty's picture those are closed star. i used an open star because i really wasn't sure. Well, now i am. it's all in the learning process, right?

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